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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 29, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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had enough of the heat. we're cooling off today. good news for everybody. >> hot in so many places recently. when you like something you get credit. right place, right time. >> all the praise. you deserve that. >> a lot of people super happy. the change is already upon us. we have cloud cover up above. some high clouds from time to time and an indication of the cool front that is moving through and ushering in temperatures. we have mostly cloudy skies and the 12-hour planner will show you a mixture of sun and clouds. the big takeaway today is that we're going to settle in the mid-70s to mid-and low 80s across the region. much cooler than the past week.
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>> when you head out to your vehicle you will feel that difference. it is much cooler out there. only one issue today. southbound 880 we did have just a minor collision reported. that has been removed. we have one, two, three vehicles and it's friday light. we'll check on drive times next. >> some north bay high school students will show up to a campus crawling with police officers. >> redwood high school is responding to a threat. amy hollyfield is live. >> school is open today. they will have a lot of police officers on campus watching over all of the students and the staff.
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when the school faced a bomb threat. threat. that was last week. today, friday, they found the statement yesterday. a note was sent home. while it is unfortunate that we must deal with such circumstances this provides an opportunity to discuss the serious nature of statements that threaten harm to anyone. and how important to report anything unusual. if police advise administrators to cancel classes, parents will to cancel classes, parents will be alerted. >> amy, thank you. one person in two days at
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yosemite. this one happened late yesterday and, boy, was it dramatic. >> even larger than the one that killed a man. rocks break loose about 80 times a year. we wanted to know more about this so we spoke with expert climbers. >> reporter: simon moore that is climbed el capitan seven times. this is him savoring the climb. he's very familiar with a spot that came crashing down. >> generally we avoid that for a long amount of time. >> that instability is causing him to change routes when he returns to climb el capitan in five weeks.
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he like many in the climbing community insist the rock slides won't keep them away from their passion. >> there might be a rock fall. >> reporter: even though a friend died climbing el capitan two years ago. >> he put his weight on the rope and it pulled through the system and he fell. >> reporter: the east buttress climbing route is a popular one for experienced climbers. it's a scenic but still challenging trek. today's fall is estimated to have been ten times bigger than yesterday's dead lie slide. abc 7 news. learning more about a homicide detective killed by police that stopped traffic for hours. state prison officials shared this picture of 45-year-old demilo hoge. hoge was convicted of stalking nearly 20 years ago. on wednesday fairfield police tried to stop him in connection to a homicide that happened this
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summer. hoge then led them on a chase that ended in emeryville. police say officers fired at hodge after he shot at them. it's 5:05 now. a 17-year-old girl's father is talking about a chilling ordiea. this is the 17-year-old intruder. they say he broke into the rohnert park home on wednesday night believing no one was home. the girl called her father after seeing a suspicious man trying to get into the house. her father told her to go upstairs and lock herself in the bathroom. she did and called 911. a police dispatcher kept her on the line as the intruder got in. when he discovered the locked bathroom, he kicked down the door and then proceeded to threaten her with a large hunting knife. >> the guy put the knife to her and asked, did you call the police? at the beginning she said no. >> the intruder forced her to hang up but officers had already been sent to the house. they arrested him and the girl
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was not hurt. a student suing a former employee and board of regents for sexual harassment. the student filed the complaint anonymously yesterday saying psychologist eric samuel has made unwanted sexual advances and solicitations last october during sessions for her adhd and clinical anxiety. the student is suing uc berkeley because she feels did not take appropriate action. the school has not commented. a former santa clara probation counselor is under arrest on suspicion of having sex with two teenaged boys while they were in jail. they took tricia caparra into custody, accused of sexually assaulting a 17 and 18-year-old inmate. the accusations came to light a year ago when one of the alleged victims came forward n. a statement the county's chief probation officer says the department is appalled adding, quote, this employee violated the trust placed in our department. this will not be tolerated. a new week of nfl games started with a new show of unity. not a single player took a knee
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during the national anthem before the game between the chicago bears and green bay the players, coaches, and even some fans locked arms and stood silently at lambeau field. last week president trump called for the firing of any player who kneels in protest. 49ers fans should expect some sort of protest sunday afternoon. they haven't played since president trump's comments last friday. this is video of the 49ers during the anthem before their game last thursday. our media partners at the mercury news report the team is planning a team wide demonstration. it was former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick that started protesting injustice while still on the team 13 months ago. as for the next step, seattle seahawks receiver doug baldwin says he wants police officers to receive more resources and learn de-escalation tactics to put better protocols in place and is suggesting bringing back the d.a.r.e. program for schools to help educate young people help educate young people against drugs and violence.
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good morning. 5:07. live doppler 7. cloud cover overhead on our satellite. this is the cold front that's ushering in those cooler, more fall like changes. a lot of 50s on the board. good morning, vallejo. much cooler in napa at 51. 56 in fremont and san francisco a temperature of about 58 degrees. so future weather, let's go hour by hour on your friday. 9:00 later on this morning. a lot of fog along the coast. we see widespread 60s and by midday the lunch time hour a fair amount of sunshine away from the coast and comfortable temperatures. 60s and 70s. later on this afternoon our warmest spots will only be going into the low 80s. we're getting out of the 90s that we had yesterday inland. so highs today for your friday. we're ending the week on a more autumnlike note. peeks of afternoon.
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79 in napa and 84 the high in antioch. the giants game, padres in town. first pitch 7:15. it will be cool at at&t park. 62 degrees and it will be breezy as well. a temperature of 58 as the game starts to wrap up. here's your three-day forecast. a cooler afternoon on the way today and we're going to keep this steady pattern temperature wise which you'll notice over the weekend, though, we rid ourselves of the clouds saturday and sunday. tons of sunshine and feeling like fall. that's the weather. a check of traffic with alexis, good morning. good morning, drew. everyone has seen your forecast saying not going to go in to work today because nobody is on the roads. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we probably have between 10 and 15 minutes. maybe give it 15 since it is friday. a slight stackup in those cash lanes but that is it so far this morning and our drive times are looking great, too. tracy to dublin in the yellow at p35 minutes. all things considered that's pretty good for that stretch. southbound 680 in the green at
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16 and northbound 85 between 101 and cupertino. wide open at 17 minutes. this is just coming in, some new details on amazon's purchase of whole foods. "the wall street journal" is reporting this morning that amazon sold $1.6 million worth of whole food products in just the last month that has passed by since it took over the supermarket chain, and it was all done online. and i want to show you exactly which products those were. it's all those products labelled 365 every day value and the most popular, according to "the wall street journal," were the turkey breast and coconut water. fun fact there, something people will be talking about today. back to you. >> wow. >> interesting. thanks, jess. o.j. simpson could be released from prison as soon as monday. new details about his plans for what's next. we showed you that video a few months ago, a good samaritan
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hitting a robber with a chair. now they're making headlines again. we'll leave you for just a minute as we go to commercial break. we still have inf a dad and daughter flying trip. >> nice, lucky girl. >> see where they go, next >> nice, lucky girl. >> see where they go, next "right this minute."
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we're back at 5:30. we're learning more about o.j. simpson's time behind bars as he prepares to be released from prison within days. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma first look" o.j. simpson's best friend for nearly two decades opening up about the former football star's next steps.
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>> all he wants to do is spend time with his family, friends, his kids and play golf. >> reporter: not revealing the location where the juice is off to next says once he's out he won't be shying away from the public eye. >> he will do the same things he always did. he'll be around. people will see him. he'll live his life. >> reporter: simpson was granted parole with an unblemished prison record. he doubts he will get into trouble yet again. >> i'm sure he's learned he can't trust everybody. i think he knows by now who his friends are. >> reporter: at 7:00 a.m. george stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with his lawyer. abc news, los angeles. it's 5:14. take a close look at what happened here. sky 7 was overhead when this high-speed car chase turned into a carjacking. we're happy to say all this did end peacefully but the video is intense. it started in the city of alameda yesterday. the suspect originally stole a
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chevy equinox. eventually the pursuit got to hayward when the suspect's car got wedged between a convertible and wall. the suspect jumping into the convertible and telling the victim to keep driving. 90 seconds later police stopped the car and did take the suspect into custody. >> the san mateo county sheriff's office is pleased to announce pet assisted therapy, learning coping and social skills. it allows them to express themselves in positive ways by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. two dogs in the program now, molly, a labrador, and sadie, a german shepherd. this is a collaboration between spca and the san mateo county sheriff's office. and speaking of animals if you've been thinking of adding a new pal, today may be the perfect to do it. offering free pet adoptions all weekend long. just stop by the martinez and
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pinole adoption center. good at their mobile center in martinez on sunday. this includes micro chipping and vaccinations. contra costa county hopes this will help alleviate shelter crowding and make room for other pets in need. this fresno man who took down an armed rob they are summer is being hailed a hero. that is craig jerry who is hitting that suspect with a chair there and then wrestling him down. this week jerry received a special thank you from police and fresno residents are showing their appreciation. >> to see an individual like that and you have to give them a lot of credit in this day and age. he's a wonderful, wonderful man. >> the suspect is behind bars and the thank you ceremony was his first public appearance since the incident. he was joined by his family but was advised not to speak on camera because of the active criminal investigation. >> a menlo park company is the
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latest to check out a drone service. this video showing the project taking place in a densely populated area of switzerland. it works like this. the drones pick up items like tooth brushes, deowedorants and deliver them five to ten miles to vans which then drive them to homes. the drones are expected to speed up deliveries by going around traffic jams and over natural barriers like lakes or mountains. elon musk is getting serious about plans to send people to mars. the plan involves creating a base on the moon first. he optimistically hopes to bring the first flights to mars by 2024. finding a way to pay for it is going to be the biggest challenge. a single flight could cost an estimated $10 billion. >> wow. california airfare price war could break out in the fall and winter. according to our media partner
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"the mercury news," roundtrip flights could be as low as $50. yeah. several airlines competing for business along the lucrative california corridor, deep discounts were bound to happen. experts also want you to remember the cheap fares often come with rules and limitations so do pay attention before you book. what a difference we have seen in a year. our historic wet winter brought us out of that drought that gripped much of the state. in fact, we learned the drought was over right here on abc 7 mornings. this is a new map in the middle of the screen showing you none of california falls into the severe drought category or worse represented by the dark red colors. so that's certainly good news and i don't think we're going to bring any rain but we'll see a drop in temperatures. >> a lot of people happy about that, drew. we want to keep our trend of wet winters going. storm season will be just as nice to us as last year. live doppler 7 along with satellite. you notice on the loop a fair amount of high clouds.
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this is a cold front that is moving through and bringing those cooler, more autumnlike changes. a live look from the exploratorium. the skyline getting chopped off by the fog early this morning. your 12-hour planner, sun is up here around 7:03 in the morning and is really a blend of sun and clouds later on this afternoon. the big takeaway it is going to be a cooler afternoon. you see the bay and inland mid-70s to mid-80s later on today so feeling much more like fall than we have been for much of this week. highs 67 in san francisco. 81 in san jose. about 72 in observing. 85 in fairfield. 79 the comfortable high in napa. overnight tonight clouds early on. they're going to clear out of here after midnight. after midnight plenty of stars. good sleeping weather. mid-40s to mid-50s. in the forecast over the weekend, sunny skies continue even into saturday and by sunday there's little change in the forecast. this fall feeling sticking around. the accuweather seven-day
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forecast, the weekend looking picture perfect. temperatures continue to drop for much of next week. all right. taking a look at the roads. we're picture perfect there this morning, too. we have not had any major issues. a lot of green on our traffic flows and, honestly, the only exception is getting out of the central valley. those speeds better than they are any other day of the workweek so 27 miles an hour approaching the altamont pass. typically we'd be down to 10 or 15 miles an hour so we'll take it. a live look westbound 92. volume still looking good there as you leave hayward and head to foster city and no issues with mass transit. keep this in mind this weekend. we do have the b.a.r.t. warm springs station closed all weekend once again so there will be that free bus bridge taking you to fremont that could add 20 to 30 minutes to your trip. alexis, thank you. you have a chance to be one of the first to have a warriors nike jersey. >> the warriors team store opens at 7:00 a.m. to give fans the chance to buy the new nike nba connected jersey. we told but it.
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the technology embedded in the tack and you can unlock it by downloading the app on your smartphone. the warriors play their first season game tomorrow night at oracle. >> maybe the income will help the team pay for what they just had to write a check for, and that is the cost of this summer's championship parade. the team is kind of critical of the city of oakland on this one. the original estimate for the celebration was $300,000. but it actually ended up costing more than double that $780,000. the warriors spent nearly $6 million to cover this and the 2015 victory parades. a statement said most american cities cover the majority of expenses and the team expressed disappointment with the process and the large disparity between the original estimate and the actual cost. >> abc 7 news was in golden gate park where hundreds of kids broke barriers. special olympics of northern california sponsored this event yesterday.
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activities paired special olympians with their schoolmates on the same teams. >> 1,200 students out here for san francisco unified, over 30 schools. it's just a tremendous opportunity of inclusion. we want to inspire the communities we serve and people throughout the world, students to open their hearts and minds. >> a group of deputy sheriff, police and highway patrol officers played soccer with the kids. coming up next the seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> the special note one girl has for the south bay team that helped her beat cancer. helped her beat cancer. >> strong
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5:24. whether you're just joining us, the seven things to know before you go. number one from the live desk, san jose police are investigating a deadly shooting at an upscale apartment complex. a man was shot last night at the elon village lane complex.
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police remained at the area. >> investigators are trying to determine what sparked this house fire in the lower hills of redwood city firefighters worked to knock down the flames and no one got hurt. yosemite national park officials are warning to proceed with caution and that's after a giant chunk of granite broke away from el capitan for the second straight day. governor brown will be in san francisco to sign more than a dozen housing bills. these are meant to address the short housing supply and affordability. and, number five, finally feeling more like fall as we finish out the week on this friday. look at your highs, only 67 with clouds. more in the way of sunshine. 72 the high in observing. number six, so far so good on the roads this morning. a look at walnut creek southbound 680 looking at light volume f. you're leaving from the pleasant hill area that is in the green. 16 minutes. >> number seven, national coffee
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day. krispy kreme and cinnabon are offering free coffee. others are offering discounts. if you ride lyft in san francisco what awaits you, a free can of cold brew coffee. i should add krispy kreme free coffee today and all through the weekend. >> are you going to start the habit today? >> if it's free, i am there. >> i like it. a budding young musician had a special thank you for the team of doctors and nurses and staff who helped her beat cancer. ♪ >> a little chopan. that is little leah. she got very sick when she was just 4 years old. she felt like a recital would be the best way to honor her caregivers. >> i'm not a doctor or nurse like you so i can't save your life like you did to me, but i can play piano.
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>> that is very sweet. and she has now been cancer free for five years. >> why is she so cute? >> adorable. >> how does someone become that cute? >> adorable. >> another full 90 minutes of news including the desperate plea in the south bay to save a program that serves minority children. >> how san francisco's mayor plans to cut the time it takes to get new housing built in half. and president trump already up and tweeting this morning. he is talking about puerto rico and how his administration has responded. you'll want to hear his words next. first a live look outside as we go to break. you can always see what's you can always see what's happening with weather and
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if you're one of the lucky ones with air conditioning, you can finally give it a break. the cooldown has arrived. >> you're also looking live at
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friday drive conditions on the bay bridge this morning. thanks for being here on this september 29th. meteorologist drew tuma is in for mike. >> yeah. and yesterday if you weren't on the coast it was still rather warm. that's different today. it's widespread cooling. finally feeling like autumn out there. live doppler 7 along with satellites, high clouds streaming in. this is the cold front ushering in those cooler changes. sutra tower showing you patchy fog. your day planner today a mixture of sun and clouds. the big takeaway. we're out of the 90s inland, back into the 80s and around the bay widespread 70s. so enjoy this fall feeling friday. good morning, drew. we are hearing about a brush fire of some type. down to 101. so it sounds like it's on either side of the interstate there and we do have emergency crews on the scene. i'm not sure how that started or how big it is. as soon as i have more information i will pass that along. a quick check of the toll plaza,
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those metering lights were flipped on around 5:25. a couple minutes later than monday commute. we are looking at the backups forming through the maze. next traffic update at 5:40. >> and we continue following news at the live desk. police continue to investigate a shooting in san jose. matt keller is live at the scene for us. matt? >> reporter: good morning, jessica. this investigation is stretching into its ninth hour. you can see they still have the mobile crime scene unit on the team, crime scene tape up and we have some residents escorted by officers. some have been allowed up to their apartments and others maybe are looking to get to some parking garages here as well. obviously a big in a lot of people live in this area, a very big apartment complex. take a look at this video from
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earlier in the night. officers were seen escorting some to their residences. police were called around 8:40. they found a man with at least one gunshot wound. new information from a sergeant here on the scene who said two men burst into this apartment and shot this person and they are investigating whether or not this is a home invasion robbery. that might be a possibility in their investigation. the man who was shot was taken to the hospital where he died. investigators say they haven't had -- haven't made any arrests yet or identified any of the suspects. i was told by a police officer they expect to be out here a couple more hours. reporting live, matt keller, abc 7 news. investigators are trying to determine what sparked a house fire on the peninsula say flames were coming out of just about every window. neighbors told crews everybody got out of the house okay. it took firefighters about 1:10
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to get the flames under control and no one was hurt. sonoma county sheriff's deputy want parents to keep an eye out for this man, a 39-year-old registered sex offender from sacramento county arrested after someone found him in a girl's restroom. he's now out on bail. authorities say that he is a threat to public safety and if you see him on any school grounds please call police. new details in the oakland police investigation into the death of a man tased by officers. police were still at the scene more than eight hours after this happened. our media partner the bay area news group says officers were sent to the intersection about 2:30 in the afternoon for a traffic accident. a dispatcher told them a man ran from the scene and was trying to board an ac transit bus. moments later an officer called for an ambulance. the man died last night. oakland police homicide detectives, and the coroner have
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launched separate investigations. a 3-year-old boy remains in critical condition after a hit-and-run crash earlier this week. richmond police believe this smart car was involved in the crash at macdonald avenue and 27th street wednesday. officers suspect a 19-year-old woman who works at this auto repair shop borrowed the car without permission before hitting the boy. el cerrito police saw the car and arrested the 19-year-old. one person is in the hospital after a second rock slide on el capitan in yosemite. this happened late yesterday just one day after another slab dropped killing a british climber and injuring his wife. witnesses say the second rock fall was worse than the first one. one man was hurt as it crashed through his sun roof. park rangers say it is the same spot as wednesday's rock slide and it is making visitors nervous. >> el cap, i'm not sure what just fell but something did, something big.
5:35 am
holy [ bleep ]. that was loud. >> there was just cracking, a bunch of noise and smoke just started coming down like crazy. >> the park released these pictures showing the massive chunk left behind. they are closing a road on the north side of the park. the newest on the push to get help to the island of puerto rico and the president already tweeting in the last hour and taking some credit for his response to the rcrisis. puerto rico governor just stated the administration and the president every time we have spoken they have delivered. the fact is that puerto rico has been destroyed by two hurricanes, big decisions will have to be made as to the cost of its rebuilding. and, of course, all of this as more aid is on the way right now, right, reggie? >> happening today the naval ship comfort will deploy to puerto rico to hopefully provide more of that help to people who need it. the vessel is a floating hospital with 500 medical personnel and support staff.
5:36 am
carrying blood, medical supplies to the u.s. territory ravaged by hurricane maria. that ship will hospital beds. the trump administration. is saying -- it's scarce and disorganized. hundreds went to a free distribution center filling up as many empty containers as they could get their hands on. 2,000 people lined up to try to board that royal caribbean ship you just saw to get off the island. only 4% of puerto rico has power. local people here from puerto rico have formed a group called ss -- sf for go to our website to learn how you can help. a program that serves minority students. in san jose supporters, parents,
5:37 am
and students gathered. they told stories about how imani village changed their lives. the program was started in 2014 and it provides on-campus tutoring and emotional support for african-american and latino students who may be at risk. there are more than 400 students currently enrolled. >> we have the opportunity to really make a difference and to really kind of shift the way their life is steering and let them know there's a better way. >> the program is about to lose its funding because the contract for imani village expires tomorow. the county issued this statement saying it is, quote, partnering with each of the participating school districts to ensure continuity of services for the children who were enrolled in the program. governor brown will be in san francisco to sign more than a dozen housing bills. the package centers on three bills. one will put a $4 billion affordable housing bond before voters next year. a second impose as new $75 fee on real estate transaction documents. and the third aims to streamline regulation that is can slow down
5:38 am
affordable housing construction. lawmakers say the package is the most significant housing policy to come out of sacramento in years. and speaking of that, drone view 7 a view of what san francisco desperately needs and that is more housing stock. this is the mission bay neighborhood. that area still has room to expand. mayor lee is hoping to jump-start even more housing development. he has set a goal to build 5,000 new units every year. 30% to 35% would be affordable. mayor lee had to sign an executive order cutting the permit time in half. >> i know once i've given the proper directive and support the departments to move it forward we can cut it in half, all the delays. >> some residents worry it will cause more traffic. the mayor admits a lot of the congestion is caused by construction projects.
5:39 am
in time yesterday we had a lot of 60s on the board. right now it's widespread 50s. 58 in hayward. napa the cool spot this hour. extending later on this morning. building into the 50s. a lot of fog along our coast will stay there for the majority of the day. midday it's comfortable in the lunch time hour. 60s and 70s the name of the game. we'll only go into the low 80s. highs today, afternoon sunshine. sunny in oakland, about 81. in san jose, 79. that number in napa. your three-day forecast, a mix of sun and clouds out there later on today but by the weekend it's tons of sunshine and look at those temperatures holding steady in the 70s and
5:40 am
80s. certainly feeling more like autumn. we have the bridge to bridge sunday. nice looking weather for the runners. lots of sunshine by 8:00 and it will turn mild by noon. >> good morning, drew. that is perfect running weather. they want it on the cooler side as opposed to the 70s or 80s. a quick check in the south bay. a couple more details about the brush fire we have reported right around 101 and we do have fire crews on the scene. i don't think we have any lanes blocked there. and here's a look at things just north of there at 880 and 101. still some light volumes there. a quick check of some drive times this morning. not bad if you're heading to the bay bridge. highway 4 to the maze, 18 minutes. about 12 across the bay bridge.
5:41 am
metering lights flipped on. 101 san francisco to the airport shouldn't have any problems getting there. you're in the green at nine minutes. >> thanks, alexis. it is national coffee day and that means a free cup of joe for you. we'll show you all the discounts. >> you may want to hurry up if you're buying plane tickets for you're buying plane tickets for the ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wow! nice outfit. when i grow up, i'm going to mars. we're working on that. some people know how far they want to go. a personalized financial strategy can help you get them there. see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours.
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it's 5:43. health and human services secretary tom price's job is on the line. price, along with treasury secretary steve mnuchin and scott pruitt are the subject of inquiries by the inspector general over flights. the house oversight committee launched an investigation into federal agency travel. price says that he regrets the numerous trips aboard private aircraft and pledges to reimburse the government. last night he tried to defend his 26 private charter flights on fox news. my respect for the taxpayer is as strong as it can be and always has been. there will knob private air charters at hhs going forward. >> and now interior secretary zinke is being added to the list. >> two escaped prisoners from the bay area no longer on the loose. authorities captured both women in different parts of mexico.
5:45 am
anna armstrong and irene mitchell escaped from the federal minimum security camp this month. they've been serving time for drug-related crimes. armstrong and mitchell will now face additional charges. u.s. marshals credit mexican police for helping. if you buy a car for car max watch for recalled air bags a. review of eight car max locations found more than one in four vehicles reviewed had unrepaired safety recalls. and they include some with air bag inflators linked to deadly malfunctions. there's a risk they will explode during a crash. fleet week is just five days away now and san francisco is getting ready. the annual event on tuesday with the blue angels taking to the sky for the air show saturday and sunday. the show draws hundreds of boats to the bay. almost triple the number of personnel and boats on the watt they are year looking out for speed and overcrowding.
5:46 am
>> safety is always first and foremost on our mind as well as security. and so we'll be working together to assess any threats, but i can tell you that fleet week is just a fun event here in san francisco and a great way for the community to come together. >> officials are warning people watching the air show from their roofs or balconies to make sure they're safe. the blue angels will arrive sunday. it may look like black friday this morning at stores that sell video games in the bay area. gamers are lining up hoping to buy one of these, a nintendo super nes classic. it's a highly anticipated miniature version. it includes 21 games and replicas of the original controllers and the price tag is $79.99. people who are waiting in line this morning probably missed out at midnight when the website released the retro console. a lot of people missed out because it sold out in four
5:47 am
minutes before the website crashed. some people say they had a charge or multiple charges without a confirmation e-mail and the emotions online got very real and change with the caption patiently waiting for that e-mail like -- another one showing mario with the caption yaaaas >> a lot of people are really excited. i can understand. drew, i know this is harkening back to childhood as well, right? >> i wish i knew it was coming out. i had no idea. >> that's because the people who knew didn't tell us. >> yeah, they didn't want to you know. >> that's a smart move, though. i would have done the same thing if i wanted it, tell nobody. live doppler 7 along with satellite. we have cold fronts moving through. this will help to usher in more autumnlike temperatures, high clouds from time to time. your 12-hour planner on your
5:48 am
friday, 7:03 here in the morning. the big takeaway today, it's a cooler afternoon. a lot of folks saying they could open up their windows last night. mid-70s to mid-80s across much of the region. right now your highs today, looking at the cloud cover clinging to the coast. san francisco, some afternoon peeks of sun. 72 in observing. comfortable 81 in san jose. 79 that number in napa. we'll take to you at&t park, giants taking on the padres. temperatures 62 degrees and breezy. a cool 58 as the game starts to wrap up. grab the hoodie and jacket. clouds early. we're clearing our skies after midnight. mid-40s to mid-50s overnight tonight. that will be a nice night. accuweather, a cooler afternoon. picture perfect weekend. all indications temperatures below average for this time of the year. alexis, we might have an issue with that bridge, the bay bridge. >> if you try to go et to or
5:49 am
from the bay, here is your warning. it is that time. if you're not going to be sitting in it. the bay bridge is scheduled to close tomorrow morning. to continue the implosion of marine foundations from the old bay bridge. the bay bridge should shut down between 9:30 and 11:30 tomorrow morning. >> that's not cool. >> that's not cool, right. this is the third of six scheduled implosions so it should be over by mid-november. i will definitely keep you updated and i do highly recommend staying plugged in on twitter if you need to be somewhere in a timely fashion. all of our agencies are good about letting you know exactly when they're doing it. it depends on weather. that's why it's such a big wind out there. that two-hour window. aside from the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights are on. no major issues. we are hearing about a disabled vehicle sitting in a cash lane
5:50 am
on the left-hand side. i will keep an eye out for that. and mass transit looking great this morning as well. no delays, 49 b.a.r.t. trains in service. no delays for ace either. golden gate should be a beautiful day on the water. no delays in normal service. drive times just before 6:00. new at 6:00, the next time you fly american, the plane could be more crowded. how the airline will fit more people onboard. first, a breakthrough for people with diabetes. you can now test your blood sugar level without tricking your finger. the move ikea is making to put their furniture together.
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by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california.
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5:52. if you plan on getting a workout today stay away from certain resistance bands. here they are, more than 207,000 fitness gear resistance bands have been recalled. they were sold at dick's and online from september 20th -- i should say from september of 2015 to august of this year. there have been reports the bands break while in use and hurt the users. logon to for the specific model numbers. customers are urged to return them to the nearest dick's store. if you have a receipt get a full refund. if you don't you'll get store credit. this gusher was quite the sight. a car took out a hydrant on north main. it took a while to turn off because after stuck valve. fortunately nothing was flooded. ikea says task rabbit will stay even after it purchases the company. task rabbit is an on demand platform for hiring people to do
5:54 am
everything from standing in line to building your furniture. you're looking at one of the company's online ads. ikea tested task rabbit in its stores in london last year. it went well thmt he plan to roll it out in u.s. stores. no plan on the deal that will be finalized next month. it is national coffee day today. that means some places you can get free or discounted coffee. >> we have you covered here in the bay area. the free items first. krispy kreme has free coffee for the whole weekend. cinnabon is free all day. >> that's right. a free coupon if you use 7-eleven's app. some discounts at other places. had is pretty cool, lyft offering a free can of high drew/cold brew coffee when you take a ride here in san francisco. >> the deals are only at participating locations so check first before you get mad at us. we have a full list of all the national coffee day offers on our news app and at if one of these companies
5:55 am
doesn't come through, drew will come through. >> if i show up at dunkin' donuts and there's no coffee, i know where you both live. i need to speak to a manager right now! go to lyft and get the high brew/cold brew and figure out what that means. today you'll notice a big change finally feeling like fall. high clouds streaming in from time to time. temperature wise 70s and 80s across the region. temperatures will hold steady through the weekend but the sun will be in full force saturday and sunday. a live look outside the exploratorium camera top. high clouds right now over san francisco. today your 12-hour planner, a mixture of sun and clouds out there and by 4:00 there's that big takeaway today finally feeling more like autumn than it has been for much of the week. traffic with alexis. good morning, drew. a quiet start so far today. we are friday light. really all around the metro area. a look at golden gate bridge. yesterday we are sucked in.
5:56 am
today there's some fog out there but not as bad as yesterday. our drive times reasonable here, too, westbound 580 tracy to dublin. we're in the red by now as well. today in the yellow. 22 and southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco you're looking great. in the green at just 17 minutes. alexis, thank you. daily finger tricking could be a thing of the past for diabetics. the first monitor that doesn't require it. this is an ad for the new device. patients attach a sensor and scan it with the device to check their blood sugar levels. it can stay attached for ten days, is waterproof. it holds data for 90 days. the price has not been released yet but could be a game changer. if you are flying for the holidays, tickets won't get any cheaper than they are now. thanksgiving travelers will find
5:57 am
the steepest discounts the friday before thanksgiving and the sunday after are always most expensive with christmas falling expensive with christmas falling on a monday, the most affordable dat dates to fly. one mom's battle over her child's health. the reason she could be going to prison. >> what they are planning for sunday. plus, a new step from the trump administration to deal with the north korean nuclear
5:58 am
♪ hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek.
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happy friday, september 29th, and we're taking a big breath of relief or something. >> fresh air. >> it's fresh air, finally. we're not having to be so hot we're not having to be so hot sleeping at night.
6:00 am
live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you high clouds along with a cold front bringing in those autumnlike changes. we have some cloud cover, an indication that our pattern is changing for the cooler. later on this afternoon a mix of sun and clouds out there. the big take it's cooler everywhere. yesterday inland in the 90s. today we're cooling off into the 80s and around the bay we'll feature widespread 70s later on today. that's weather. a check of the roads with alexis. good morning. >> good morning, drew. we'll take you back to the south bay where we have reports of a brush fire. it does sound like it's taking away a lane. 280 just past that 101 merge, lane number four is blocked by fire crews. this slowdown you're seeing just north of there is our typical backup


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